NJ State Song?

A couple of days ago we woke up to 101.5FM morning show host and call-in guests pitching a fit about the cost for legislation allowing for a state song for New Jersey (or "musical representation"). Specifically their comments were aimed at the Bridgewater teacher who wrote the song with her students 14 years ago. I felt like calling in and asking them to shut up! I'm sick of 101.5's negativity!

Today again, it was in the Courier News.

The Courier News piece was a nice story. Something that undoubtedly someone will cut out and put on the school's bulletin board. Good thing that the comments section is only online because some moron called the deceased teacher something very inappropriate!

I understand that there is a discussion of wasteful spending in hard economic times, but this story was about a daughter honoring her dead mother's memory, and about children trying to accomplish a high goal and an effort for its revival.

Why do people have to write such nasty personal attacks in a public forum? How is this story hurting the author so much that he had to publicly humiliate the teacher and her mother's memory? Sometimes people are just so mean spirited!

I didn't know this teacher, nor am I a native of New Jersey and I still don't feel like I am from here. I do, however, know that music was the cornerstone of my K-12 education and I believe in its importance!


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