A messy situation

So what do I do?

N's room is always a disaster. I yell, he whines. He cleans a bit, whines some more. I yell more. The cycle repeats itself on a very regular basis.

The cleaning lady is here today - N was supposed to clean last night before bed but I wasn't home to remind him, and his Dad didn't know the cleaning lady was coming today. When I got home last night I was so exhausted, that I went to bed at the same time as the kids... so no reminder. This morning I got him up to clean early and then remembered that the wonderful Miss Teacher has extra help on Wednesdays. N whined some more (about going to extra help), but I was afraid if I gave him a choice "clean or go to extra help" he would clean!

So here I am (taking a break) from cleaning his room for him.

One things is for sure: no allowance for him this week!

So now my break is over. Back to sorting legos, clothes (clean and dirty), pokemon cards, digimons, and every other toy that comes in small parts known to man.

But isn't the fault mine since I didn't enforce the "keep your room clean or you can't play with your friends" rule (he played with TM nonstop from 7pm Friday, until 2pm Monday, then went to the movies and didn't get home until dinner time)? So actually it is probably just right that I do the cleaning since I am slacking off on the mothering. The fact is that straightening has never been my strong suit. My room is as messy as his is (because we have the washer/dryer off our bedroom all clothes, clean and dirty get sorted and folded in there. Also, it is where kids read often before bed, leaving books and magazines and when we get company things get shoved there). But it is true.

Off to do my least favorite thing in the world - better stop bitching and start sorting. Break's over! Back to motherhood.


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