Math mania

BW kids counting pumpkin seeds as part of a Halloween program (1st graders)
BW Every Day Math Wall (kindergarten)

It's coming up - the decisions about the Everyday Math program. Honestly I am ambivalent. Lots of kids struggle using Everyday Math. C is bored to tears. Like Baby Bear, for N, Everyday Math is just right. What are we getting instead? I worry that we will lose an entire school year in the transition. Unprepared teachers. Disconcerted parents. Confused kids.

So when I run into very enthusiastic parents I am unsure what to say. If I disagree they think I am an idiot. I have always thought C could be more challenged, but I honestly trust my kids' teachers opinions' more than my own limited view. I have not actually asked C's teacher's opinion this year, but all of their previous teachers raved about EDM. I don't like this unknown (again with BRSSD's lack of transparency) committee's power. What have they chosen instead? How come I didn't know there was an opportunity to be part of the review committee? I consider myself relatively well-informed. I would have loved the chance to take part in the review! Perhaps my ambivalence would have made me a better candidate than the polarized parents who show up at BOE meetings and complain vocally (I assume a number of them are on the committee).

Teachers will have to be trained - does that mean they will be pulled out of their regular teaching obligations (ie our kids classes) or would this take place over the summer? (Doubtful since teachers aren't required to be here in the summer). How many hours does each teacher need for training? How many hours are they pulled from the classroom?

And what about the new program? How do we know it is better, just because a group of people eager to be rid of EDM say so? (How else did they get on the committee than if they were exceptionally motivated to get involved?). Is ANYONE listening to what the teachers say, or is it assumed that they only like EDM because they are used to it? Is it more than a token teacher taking part?

Have we checked that our percentages of kids in tutoring (both for remediation and extra enrichment) are higher than non-EDM districts?

I know today's blog is mostly questions. That's pretty much all I have. I feel at a loss. Unable to assess EDM fairly based on my limited experience and yet not sold on another program.

I said I am ambivalent. I think anxious is a better description. If I were ambivalent I would also have positive feelings about EDM - beyond that the teachers (and N) like it, I don't have much positive to say, so why worry about losing it?

I miss having a job today!


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