In bed with the dog

I am the first number on several people's "just in case" list. How many times has school closed early and I suddenly have 5 kids at my house? Or how many friends have called in a panic with the desperate words "I'm stuck in traffic..." and off I rush to beat aftercare's closing hour? How many times have I taken one extra kid here, there, everywhere?

I don't mind because today is one of those days when I'm cashing in on some karma. Guilt free, and grateful!

As D and I laze in bed, MR is picking up C from school, then GH will drive BOTH ways to soccer tonight and BM will pick up N when he picks up my pseudo-son (his actual son) TM...

It takes a village of drivers to raise kids in Bridgewater.

Sometimes you have to lean on your colleague to get the job done!

Who's gonna drive my kids home tonight?


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