Take Your Child to Work Day

My kids are heading off to work with their Dad this morning. They are lucky! My kids love the kids of T's boss who will be there too. The office will take them somewhere cool for lunch - a full 1.5 hours on the schedule - and I'm sure they'll be running amuck in the office all day long.

But WHOOSH did you feel the swift breeze my anger just flew in on? My daughter wanted to wear eye liner and mascara to T's office today. She didn't want to take it off, so this followed with a hostile-toned lecture about how it is important that the kids make a good impression too. I know that the office workers aren't going to change their opinion of C for wearing make-up since they see her several times a year, and generally think she's a good girl. But I don't want ANYTHING to taint how they see T in his place of work.

Why does my anger get the best of me? Why couldn't I take a deep breath and explain she needs to wash her face, please because it is inappropriate to wear make-up to the office. Why did the anger-gene take over my self-control, and I automatically start yelling "THE IMPRESSION YOU MAKE AT DADDY'S OFFICE IS VERY IMPORTANT! WHO DO YOU THINK PAYS FOR ALL THOSE CLOTHES? DADDY! WHY CAN HE BUY THEM? BECAUSE HE HAS THIS JOB!"

Did I really think that T's job would be on the line because my daughter is wearing eye-liner? Of course not!

I was so happy for the kids knowing they are looking forward to a great day. Why did I have to ruin it? It is so hard for me to keep my emotions out of parenting.


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