Small towns are small towns

Last night I spent the evening with my son. I have mentioned before that he often is in his sister's shadow, but last night was all about him. First he had his taekwondo belt test. I have never seen that many kids test at the same time. The school had tons of chairs out. N was the 2nd highest belt rank being tested. It seemed so strange to see him there - as one of the biggest/oldest/most accomplished kids. The school's master was pushing him during the testing of forms to do them "stronger", but technically he knew his stuff. At the board breaking he gave it his all and broke the boards on the first time with ease. It was great.

After that, Boy Scouts. I have to admit I hate Boy Scout Pack meetings. They are noisy and often disorganized (although this week there were very few kids and it was well done). N earned his bear patch promoting him to the next level. He was very proud.

Another reason I hate the pack meetings is that it is mostly Dads who take part, so I feel a bit out of place. I prefer girl scouts so much! I hang out with a couple of the Dads and a few moms that I know pretty well (Dad's of N's friends) and usually I'm OK. One nameless Dad and I decided that since N couldn't play after school with his son we'd get them ice cream after scouts. We drove to Rita's (separately). Rita's was packed on a Friday night. I saw at least 3 other parents I knew when I was in line. The lines were loooooooong and the service a bit slow, so it took about a half an hour to get 2 mistos. N should have gone to the bathroom at the pack meeting because, like clockwork, he was doing the dance...

The dad we were with had a great idea. N could use the bathrooms at the ballpark across the street. As soon as we got the icecream he drove us across the street. We could have walked, but it was pretty dark, and between the crowds at Rita's and the chaos at the ballfield where several games were ending, we decided it was safest to drive.

Icecream eaten and it being very late he drove us back to my car in Rita's parking lot. Someone in line at Rita's (I recognized her as a parent at our school, but have no idea what her name is) recognized him - and then saw me in the front seat with him and you could see her doing the math in her head. She said "you aren't..." gave a sly look and didn't finish her sentence.


He smiled and said something to the effect of "it's not what it looks like!" I tried to say something like "we're taking the boys to the bathroom" but couldn't get the explanation out and tripped over my tongue.

Anyway, if you were the woman in line last night. That's what happened. Nothing more, nothing less.

So just a word of advice: if you should decide to have a quiet affair (WE'RE NOT HAVING ONE! I'M HAPPILY MARRIED AND HE SEEMS VERY HAPPY WITH HIS WIFE, TOO) Friday night at Rita's is not the first place you want to go, even if it is around the corner from the Marriott...


One final note: yesterday morning I was on my bike on Country Club, near Burnt Mills Road and a large Mercedes Sedan drove past me at great speed - and at a very close distance. I just want to let the driver know this: "YOU DON'T SCARE ME! BICYCLISTS HAVE A RIGHT TO USE THE ROAD! YOU HAVE TO YIELD TO US!!"

OK, now that I have that off my chest, I can start my day. Look outside. It's going to be a taste of summer!!!!!!!!!! Rita's anyone? I know just who I'll invite - if we take the boys 2 days in a row, do you think anyone will notice???


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