Time management 2

The biggest challenge in this life is time management in the hours between 4pm and 7pm Monday-Friday. Last night I put dinner in the oven and went to a girl scout leader meeting. No one thought to take it out of the oven until it was long overcooked. I came home and my kids were eating sandwiches (but my Dad faithfully ate what I had made). It is sometimes impossible to get it all done at the same time!

That said, my daughter desperately wants to add another activity for the fall (I have blogged about this before and because the final deadline is TOMORROW I have 24 hours to make a decision).

I can barely handle the juggling of the week's activities that we currently have. We already eat after 8pm at least 3-4 nights a week. How could I possibly manage another 7 hours per week?

The truth is: I can't. But I still want to give C this opportunity. And, yet, I don't. Cheerleading? YUCK!

While I write this, my father is looking at pictures from the 1970s. Happy memories from my grandmother's porch. My cousins are there and I'm smiling a lot in the pictures just hanging out with family. Living in Bridgewater, my kids don't have their cousins as part of their every day lives. It sometimes makes me sad. We haven't seen my college-aged niece in almost 3 years. We have never seen another niece (who was born in August) and my sister's kids live only 3 hours from here, but we see them fewer than a few times per year.

So I guess it is OK that we have so much going on since we don't have much extended family time. Sometimes I wish our lives now were more like mine was then - where my grandmother was a major focus of my life. Her unconditional love was so important to me. When I was my son's age, we had Saturday night sleepovers with Nonny. My kids demand sleepovers just about every weekend. With Nonny we ate popcorn and watched the Love Boat on her big armchair. It might have been uncool, but now I am so grateful.

I didn't play sports, I took a dance class once a week and sang in our church's choir... but most days we weren't rushing ANYWHERE, especially on the weekends. How did life become so harried? So competitive? So stressed out?

Stop the world, I want to get off! I better hurry up and publish this post - it's rush hour! Tonight its two enrichments (one for each kid after school) and C's soccer practice. Oh, and of course, DINNER....


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