Wednesday roller coaster

It's Wednesday - this Wednesday is just as jammed-packed as last Wednesday, and I am suddenly grateful that we have no big plans for the break next week. After school C has volleyball, girl scouts and soccer practice. N gets to go to girl scouts - the awesome art teacher at N's school is doing a 2-week project with the girls and their siblings.

I felt jet lagged yesterday after all the crying at the wake on Monday and funeral on Tuesday. I slept poorly 3 nights in a row and that didn't help either. At P's funeral I thought about my own life. If I died what would people say about me? Who would actually show up? A certain person refused to go to either P's wake or the funeral. It made me wonder who goes and who doesn't and why.

But that isn't the thought for the day. Today my cleaning lady is actively turning my bombed-out house to a comfortable living space again. I wish she could come every week. Every day. I know one thing they will say about me at my funeral: she was so messy! (Loud, obnoxious, pushy...)

I woke up thinking about the school year. I don't want my son's year with Miss Teacher to end. She is so good for him. While I laid in bed this morning, I thought about what I could do for her as a token of my thanks. I think I have a plan. Do I vote yes as a tribute to the great teachers or do I vote no because I think they aren't doing enough to cut costs - administrative salaries, the "need" for a copy boy, and the expense of hiring external consultants to find out what the "issues" are, for example.

But now it's time for thankless (and countless) errands. I have forgotten to write a check for something, so I'll have to bring it myself later. Messy AND disorganized. If only I were as perfect as I describe myself in cover letters to potential employers.

...wonder how the Albany election is going to turn out...
(But I don't think that calling it a referendum on Obama! This is a totally republican district!) Strange to disagree with NPR.
Hear NPR's take on it:


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