For Maggie

Normally I never mention anyone by name in this blog.

But today, this dedication goes out to Maggie! She helped at the Book Fair, even though she is chairing another this week. She's always got my back, no matter what the crisis or moment of joy.

And tonight, as usual, she talked me off the ledge after I angered the Cheer Gods.  I had the balls (and the poor judgment) to ask the head coach to send out an e-mail requesting that people use digression when hitting "reply all". The coach clearly didn't like my insubordination (even though 4 different parents were complaining to one another, as we were waiting to pick up our kids and 2 parents addressed it publicly already). I thought I would bring it up privately. The coach wondered what I was talking about! For the record, today alone I got 26 e-mails from the cheer team. About 5 concerned me. And if you read yesterday's blog you can guess I got more e-mail than just regarding cheer.

Now my daughter is upstairs worrying about the coach's retaliation. She, The Sacrificial Lamb... and I, the girl-ridden mother who threw her first born under the bus!

Again, Maggie had the right words of wisdom... but they weren't necessarily to be shared....

Lucky are we who have her in our lives!

"I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends...."

And for those of you who prefer a little edge:

Dino's out there..... in the Woodstock audience.... if he's watching this nonsense drama from heaven I know he's laughing at me for letting it get to me.


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