"Short term idiocy, long term results"

I'm not taking my own advice: too much focus on the short term can have adverse effects on the future.

Yesterday was a hell of an example of that.

I spent 10 hours volunteering at the Book Fair that I'm chairing. I will be there six hours today, tomorrow and Friday and 8 or 9 hours on Thursday. A very intense, but short-term volunteer gig, but a huge time commitment nonetheless.

Yesterday I lost focus on my long-term plans: I should be working on launching my new business. I should have prioritized that. There is so much to do - both unexpected last minute paperwork and things that I could have already been working on for a while.

I also have several other things that needed my attention. I'm volunteering for 2 other organizations. Both of them take considerable amounts of time. Again, they have to come second to the paying gigs, but didn't last weekend.

We have been reorganizing the house so that things aren't always such a mess. This takes time. Last week it was the upper cabinets in the kitchen. This week the lower cabinets with the ever-dreaded baking drawers. Yuck and Yuck! But the results? The top shelves look better than ever. Everyone in the household is more agreeable with a clean kitchen! Not staying as clean as it could with me at the BF for 10 hours.... and not getting better this week.

But another "Oh Sheeeeet" moment thanks to the Book Fair? I forgot to make a change to airline reservations within the 24-hour window so that we could stay longer, and my husband could return earlier from our visit to his parents. I had promised myself I'd get that done. Now? Each change would cost $250, plus any difference in fare. Guess we are coming back on Tuesday, not Thursday. It's literally the "oops heard around the world!"

And my plan for myself - long term? Stay at my weight. Important for me, and my loved ones. When was the last time I broke a sweat? Um.... September...?

Today I can fix some of these kinks. Well, not much I can do about airline tickets, we're not spending $1,000 on change fees, we'll come home on the Tuesday. That's just the way it is.

Guess sometimes it's easier to do as I say, not as I do.


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