In Scandinavia kids look forward to Saturday. No day care or school. AND they get "Saturday candy". Yes, on Saturday kids all over Scandinavia get treats that they don't normally get during the week.

This morning all of New Jersey is on high alert: SNOW is in the forecast. WHYY said that it's the first October that we'll have had snow in 40 years.

I've decided that the antidote to impending snow is my own version of Saturday goodies: vanilla coffee, pumpkin candles throughout the livingroom, NPR in the background (they just did a charming story comparing finances using candy corn) and as soon as I hit "publish" on this, I will continue knitting Christmas gifts. I'm working on several projects at once, as usual. Since tomorrow I need something that I can knit without counting or thinking in the car, today I am doing a pattern that I need to follow carefully. I have some time to treat myself to what *I* want to do this morning.

Later on we will be at a Haunted House that the kids are working. I hope they aren't planning to cancel due to snow. As you know, I love winter climates and I love snow, skiing and the juxtaposition of a cold outdoors with a cozy living room. But I also like years when the seasons do what "they're supposed to do". Summer should be hot and dry, spring should be warm and breezy and fall should be a mixed bag of temperate days and cool nights. Rain is acceptable, but I think snow belongs in winter. But since it's coming, I'll plan my Saturday treat accordingly: hot coffee and knitting by candlelight.

Like anytime I get an unexpected guest, I'll do what I normally do. Change the sheets (to flannel). But melt fast, Ms. Snow... on Monday America has plans.... and a good guest knows when to leave.


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