What a life to have lived! Steve Jobs really had it all: family, inestimable talents and more money than most countries... but he still couldn't beat the Big C. Still seven years is more than most pancreatic cancer victims can bank on, thanks to unbelievable opportunities to access to the world's best medical care.

Everyone was talking about his Stanford commencement speech. I have to admit that I haven't had the chance to hear the entire thing, but what I have taken from it is that if you live life doing what you believe in and you love, then you are a fortunate person.

I may be exhausted and stressed out, but my day was as follows: I spent the most of the night caressing my daughter's back as she hacked away. (She'd cough, I'd wake up and rub her back, we'd fall asleep, then repeat - at first I would run from my room, but then I just crashed with her, as it was almost like contractions: every half hour or so a coughing fit, then every 15 minutes, every 10 minutes.... etc.). Then I spent from 9am until 7pm selling books to kids at my son's school. In the two short breaks I took, I spent time with my Dad, came home and made dinner for my family. Now it's bedtime...

So really, I spent the last 24 hours doing what I love for the people I love and for my son's school direct benefit and our community at large, indirectly. While I can't bank on Steve Job's bucks from living this kind of life, I certainly can know that it was a day well spent. If my husband were able to work less this week, it would have been even better. But thanks to Steve's ideas of changing how we use computers, T and I could still communicate a bit during the day. I'm going to send him a youtube link to wish him good night.


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