Lucky in Bridgewater

Too many families in our neighborhood are without power. We are the lucky ones. Our street has power, and we even have internet, cable and phone. Last night IL slept over so he could get to school in the am. His house is without power, but it turns out, so is his school, so it was just a surprise sleep over.

C is getting her Halloween wish: to see Paranormal Activity. Another electricity-less friend is taking them. In the mean time, I'm getting the house cleaned up. T comes home after a week away. Clean sheets, clean towels and maybe a clean dog.

In a few hours I'll light the candles, and hand out the candy. I miss having little kids who need me to walk with them and relish in the preparations: planning and carving the pumpkin, painting faces and post-Halloween celebrations. I wonder what to do with our dog. He scares everyone with his doorbell response. "Ruff Ruff Ruff!" (Translation: WHO IS COMING TO SEE ME??? SOMEONE IS HERE! LOOK! Sounds like "HOW DARE YOU COME AND TRESPASS HERE. I'M GOING TO EAT YOU UP!") Want to scare the kids on Halloween? Ring our bell.

Hope you, my readers, have power and warmth. And that you indulge in moderation.


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