Hard Work Pays Off

That's been the mantra in our household. Whenever C or N accomplish something, that's what they hear from us.

Tonight I heard an inspiring speech by US Congressman Rush Holt (NJ, D-12). (Of the slogan, "My congressman IS a rocket scientist"). He basically explained that he got elected in a highly R-district through HARD WORK and DEDICATION - and hard working supporters. It was a highly-political speech as it was at a Democratic fundraiser and targeted to the audience, but I really loved what he had to say. He's intelligent, compassionate and really made me believe in him as a representative. (He isn't ours, but may be with future redistricting).

I'll write more about the dinner another time. Dad was my date - he "won" a set of Shakespeare books at the silent auction, and he's very happy. I "won" 2 bottles of wine (from the basement of a collector, whom I trust has excellent taste in grape juice). It's good to have something to look forward to when I need to reward a job well done.


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