big regrets and small ones

big regret: white tile kitchen floor and black dog - bad combo

small regret: that i no longer have kids to send to our great elementary school next fall

big regret: that i tried to run with diego (in 90 degree heat)

small regret: that i am soooooo far from my weight goal and time is running out

big regret: that i didn't realize that the pool opened a few hours ago

small regret: that my bikini doesn't fit as well as it could

big regret: that i didn't buy anything for dinner

small regret: that i said named names when talking badly about someone this afternoon to a teacher (she agreed)

big regret: that i didn't fix the a/c already (it works a little upstairs and fine downstairs - if you would like to donate to the air conditioning cause, send me an e-mail)

small regret: that i nearly poisoned diego this afternoon

big regret: that i just realized c is waiting to be picked up

small regret: that i am posting this without rereading... and breaking the no drinking sangria and blogging rule (well, it's more like a guideline)

big regret: that I have no other kids to send to our elementary school

small regret: that i'm sending my oldest to the middle school next year......

that i can stay at home with my kids starting tomorrow: NO REGRETS


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