Checking out of the B&B

Upstairs Grandpa G is quietly packing. He's been with us since the weekend after Easter. Before that my MIL and niece were here for all of Spring Break. Our next guests arrive on the last day of school for just under a week. That means Casa L will have had guests from March 26th through June 28th (minus 10 days).

Grandpa G is very easy to host. As long as I make coffee in the morning, he usually requires little during the day. And he is happy to help out. He practically adopts the dishwasher as his territory and he helps do laundry without me asking. He doesn't care that I'm messy. (I'm sure he'd prefer it if I were neat but I'm not stressing all the time about it when he's here- he sees that my life is very busy). His long stays have helped him assimilated into our lives here. Everyone in our lives knows him here - and almost everyone enjoys him.

This trip I think N got a lot out of having Grandpa G here: Grandpa saw N pass his blackbelt testing, he played chess with Grandpa G and Grandpa G spoke to N's class about what London was like during World War II. Good times!!

The house will be quiet without him! But not for long... the L family arrives on the last day of school. They will be staying for just under a week. I'm looking forward to having them here, but I still can't forgive a stupid little thing that happened 2 1/2 years ago. I have about a week and a half to learn to forgive and forget! Why is it always the small stuff that sticks with me??? Oh well........


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