Getting what you want

I got what I wanted - or what I thought I wanted for N- today.

N will have an IEP (individualized education program) starting next year. Basically he'll be in co-teaching but they will help him with small things through the day - he'll be in the regular curriculum for all subjects all day. I started this because of his atrocious writing - apparently poor spelling and writing isn't enough to get an IEP. It was a lose-win. He wasn't poor enough to show that he has a learning disability, but he still gets an IEP for other issues. He completed their testing and they found that while he is weak, he only falls below "within normal range" in spelling. What I wanted was a program tailored to his needs. I have it, but without the writing focus, which they don't think he needs, so is it still a win?

I got a lot of compliments on what a wonderful boy we have! Everyone who tested him commented on how pleasant, how funny, how engaging he is. I knew that.... I just am floored that he isn't dyslexic or has some other learning disability, according to them.

Writing IS important!  ACCORDING TO ME!

But I got what I aimed for - a program aimed for him. Any suggestions on magical stuff to put in an IEP?! According to you....


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