Last day of school

Today is the last day of school! Summer vacation starts at about 1:30pm. In the fall C will start school at about 7:25, N will start at 9:05. Yes - that is a 2 1/2 hour difference. Lots of Moms in Bridgewater (and presumably all over the country) do this, but it will be my first time. I can imagine how productive I'll be during that timeframe, but let's be honest....

I'm very sad about my son graduating from 4th grade... despite many a blogpost that might make you think otherwise I really LOVE his elementary school. I dropped the ball on teacher's gifts, so I am off to pull something out of my &^*( last minute again this year.

As I am writing this N just realized that he left his backpack at T's house.... So instead of breakfast, N is pouring dry cereal into a baggy so he can eat it in the car on the way to pick it up....

TGFTLDOS (Thank God for the Last Day of School).


Anonymous said…
1 and a half hour difference. ;)
Poppet said…
OOPS - my bad... it will seem like 3 come December.

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