Facebook status

My facebook status says:

Casa L, Bridgewater's finest B&B is officially closed for renovations. Guests nearly constantly since Spring Break.... can someone come and take care of ME now?

We just got rid of the final batch of guests for this portion of guest-season (I guess around here ANYTIME qualifies). But right now I am really itching to feel like someone wants to take care of me and not the other way around. In January T had his accident and needed nearly round the clock care until mid-February (he didn't drive for more than 4 weeks), then in March my MIL and niece arrived. A week after they left, my Dad arrived for two months. During his stay we had two sets of "other guests" - the daughter of his best friend from England, then my sister and her two kids (they slept at the Marriott since the rooms were all full at our Inn). A week and two days after he left, a family of four came and stayed with us. They left about 20 minutes ago.

In addition I have hosted girls night in, a lunch for some special people and countless sleepovers (yes, they do COUNT). 

Yesterday, one of my daughter's friends - someone who spends many many hours of the week here - said something like, "C says you have way too much time on your hands." IS SHE KIDDING??? Does she think that because I am almost always available to host people - including her friends - and take her places I have too much time? Hmm... does having a real job mean she would respect me more?! Isn't caring for others a good use of time?

I don't know.

Yet, right now, when the house is so quiet that I can hear Diego breaths as he is sleeping on the tile (N is upstairs watching TV and the dog is melting outside), I feel like I SHOULD be doing so many of these sorts of domestic tasks: cleaning up, laundering sheets, figuring out what we are having for dinner. All I want to do is go to the pool with my book, sit myself in a deck chair and read for the next 2 hours, interrupted only by short dips in the cool water.

So, maybe if I want someone to take care of me, I can do it myself! Treat myself to some TIME. So I'll tell myself what I would say to a guest who wanted to swim:  

Here's a towel. Get changed. I'll take you there in 10 minutes. I guess I'll have to go find a suit. I know I washed one this morning....


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