Broken Record

I started this blog after trying to get my C into E-language arts and math. One of the biggest and most consistent complaints of the district are how it doesn't meet the needs of bright non-AI-level kids. There is simply not enough enrichment for above-average, Lake Wobegone-kids. (There isn't enough "enrichment" for average and challenged kids either, but I'll save that for another blog. The most effective across-the-board enrichment I've seen was when C was in 2nd grade. That's 4 years ago.).

Of course this blog got me nowhere in that arena, but it has been an effective forum for venting in many areas.

Again we have received two letters both rejecting C into Algebra and E-Language Arts. This time her math was in the 95th percentile, her writing was in the 95th percentile (her reading was 85th). She did fine in e-math this year, and last year her score was 1 percentile LOWER.

It is disheartening to read the district's second to last paragraph stating, "C should continue to work diligently in learning mathematics. Please encourage your child to work with pride and dedication." It sounds condescending and fake coming in a letter saying "your daughter didn't make her goal".

She already does work with pride and dedication. I'll end with an e-mail that I recently received from her language arts teacher. Maybe then you'll see why she's frustrated that she didn't make e!

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome of a writer C is! We all knew it anyway, but her motivation and participation is something to be admired. She is an excellent student!  I will miss this class next year!"


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