Enjoying it while it lasts...

Yesterday I helped in the elementary school library for one of the last times. My son has library only once or twice more before the last day of school. I'll be so sad. In so many ways helping in the library was a major part of the journey that lead to this blog and opened up to me the world of Board of Ed meetings and educational policy issues that have really been a huge focus for me through the past three years. If only we had won our original fight then... we would have lost them now anyway!

Today I spent the day at my daughter's Graduation Carnival. I'm full of cotton candy sugar. Sticky and gross, but happy that I spent the day laughing with my friends. Next a walk with my friend - looking for somewhere where we can sit and have coffee too.

Tomorrow - Liberty Science Center with my boy, the future scientist/inventor. I'm looking forward to it.

Last night I was with new friends. Tonight it's my final time at the elementary school's PTO dinner. It's a Girasole. What a treat!!! Except for the acute shoulder pain from nearly 3 hours making cotton candy (it will be worse tomorrow, I'm guessing), I feel great!


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