Sick puppy

I love to call someone a sick puppy when they tell a dirty joke. Yes, I like an inappropriate joke from time to time. Just don't tell anyone, OK?

But this kind of sick puppy is not cool. My poor puppy has been spewing "bad poopies" since yesterday. We haven't taken him to the vet (denial - yes) and I have spent the past 24 hours counting to ten whenever I see a certain person who gave doggie a chicken bone the night before said diarrhea emerged. The last time we took the pup to the vet, a large argument ensued over the cost of fixing Puppy's leg... in the end I took care of him and he did just fine. So although this breaks my heart, I'm trying to fix him with bland food, rice, TLC and water.

All I can do now is say a little prayer. I'm a believer in medicine over prayer - sorry, believing friends - but today since I am not taking poor Puppy to the vet I will have to try other methods. You are welcome to say a prayer, do a rain dance or think chicken soup and hot water bottle thoughts.

If only love alone could fix the ill and suffering in the world... ok, now I just sound soooooooooo naive. So I am stopping here.


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