Best Christmas Card...

"You are one of our 50"

That's all that H wrote on her holiday card to us. Otherwise it was similar to most of the other cards adorning our railing, and probably your home too. Pictures of their two-year-old son and themselves with a heart that reads "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from  H, T and M." (with their full names)

Many years ago we had a family stay with us for two weeks. We brought them EVERYWHERE. They didn't rent a car, so every time they left their house, I took them. I did all the shopping, most of the cooking and all of the planning for their 15 day vacation. When we saw them at Christmas, I commented on a clearly professionally taken picture of their two kids.

"Oh yes, that picture was taken by Fame (a company). Their Christmas cards were very expensive, and we only got 50, so we couldn't send you one."

The comment still gets my goat. But the night it happened, I went home and CRIED. I felt so unappreciated. How many of the other fifty on their list had hosted them for 14 days?

This year I see Hanna's handwriting and smile. They visited us for an afternoon in April. I have it hanging on the fridge. Whenever I need an instant pick-me-up I can enjoy it.

"You are one of our 50"


your post is really heart touching you put some nice content in your post.

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