competitive edge?

My son hasn't played a team sport for a long time, so when he said he wanted to play basketball I did some homework. The seemingly least tough-competition within basketball was supposed to be the PTO-run program at his school.

But as soon as I saw the PTO league I realized it was hardly the "low competitive environment."  In theory, of course it was. There is one practice and one game per week and everything is run at the school. Its only students at our school and usually PTO-run activities welcome everyone, at any level.

I'm skeptical.... Next week the coaches (mostly Dads and one Mom) will have a coaches' meeting for a "Draft" where they pick their teams.

Not at all the "least competitive environment" I was imagining.

One of N's friends chose this league because N was playing and they could do it together. She did the program last year and liked the coach. He was balanced and fair. A good chance that he'd be a match for N too. So we requested they'd be together on his team.

Afterward Tuesday's try out she called and asked what I thought of another coach (that she named - I've met him but don't "know" him). He saw her son play, and after the try-out asked if he wanted to play for him.

Dad-coaches are actively recruiting players for this PTO-run league-team, so how is this different from rec? The parents are making it more competitive than it needs to be.

Maybe not the right environment for N who just wants to learn to play basketball and have fun.

Just as cheer is ending and I thought my blood pressure had a chance of a break, basketball is starting and a new stress is forming.


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