Tuesday's plan

1) Do homework with N from 6:30am-9am (check)

2) Take Nicolas to School (very late....) (check)

3) Work (see separate to do list)

4) Call for HVAC quote

5) Have lunch or coffee or take a walk with MR (optional, but hopeful)

6) Return gift to Wegmans, get food and make dinner

7) Drive C to tumbling, then N to TKD

8) ATTEND BOE MEETING. It's the presentation of next year's budget and an update (let's hope) on the negotiations.

Be there or be unaware!


Update: Forgot some important must dos - must get winter coat for N. If his grandmother sees that he doesn't have one, I'll get coal in my stocking.

Must send a few cards more - I think I forgot a few people, and now have addresses that I didn't have last week.

Must call my niece to wish her a Happy Birthday

Must get flowers for a special someone who is having oral surgery today.  (From my daughter)


Hit library - make a plan - follow it.... 


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