A long walk is never bad with a good friend

It's the day after Christmas - Boxing Day - and it is very quiet at my in-laws' house. My son is out for the day with his little cousins. First they are going to a playland where he and the girls will bounce to their hearts' content. My sister-in-law invited me to go with her, but seflish me... I chose to go for a long walk with my old friend.

After they are done with the "hopping place" my brother-in-law is going to take them ice-skating. I wonder how my 11 year old son will take being shown up by his 7 year old niece. She plays hockey! (And does ballet - very well rounded, I'd say!) I decided that he'll do better without me there too.

My husband and daughter are sleeping the day away. T LOVES to sleep, especially during the day. C doesn't usually sleep all day, but she has been running a fever (it seems, I haven't actually taken her temperature) since Thursday. I have to wake them for dinner soon. It's break...

I just got back from a 90 minute walk with my dear friend IH. I actually came back pink-cheeked and sweating - and it's in the 40s and breezy outside. We walked a little under 6 miles. Our kids were babies together, so we've shared some very important times. We could have talked for 2 more hours. Next visit.

It's strange for me to have NOTHING that I have to do. No housework, no shopping, no laundry (well, I could do laundry, but my in-laws are washing the towels we got them for Christmas), and no cooking. I'll make up for it next year when I'll be hosting. My in-laws AND my dad will stay with us.

If I only knew how to just sit and relax....

It's now nearly midnight here. I've been holding with the airline for nearly half an hour. A problem with our reservation. We nearly didn't get here. Now there are issues getting home. I am lucky that we have friends and family that we are so happy to see, because my current state of anger at the airlines is outweight slightly by my love for the people we get to see every year.

Please excuse spelling and grammar mistakes - I can change them tomorrow. For now it's time to pack to come home!


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