These veggies became a soup soup for a sick friend
(NB: I started this blog on Friday, but published it Saturday at 9am - not sure why it says Friday). 

I've spent some time thinking about yesterday's blog.

Rachel comments are spot on - and I've blogged about this very point before - we ALL need to support one another. Women are so harsh on one another. Whether it's directly or indirectly, we all have our own position from which we can help others.

Maybe I'm not building orphanages, toppling Mid-East dictatorships or joining the Peace Corps but we all have our own way to assist others.

I do serve others in my own way. I ran in a local election for an unpaid position on our school board. While I didn't win, I believed that as a BOE member I would have filled a deficiency of representatives who come from and focus on the "middle of the road kid", without an agenda of external backing. Later, I "paid it forward" by helping candidates with their political campaigns - because I believed in they would improve things for Bridgewater.

Finally, it's not the quantity of people's lives we touch, it's the quality. In this capacity I know I've made a difference, and I still do. And I try to be a good mother, wife and friend. I hope that intent counts for something...

Goodness comes in many forms (evil does too). I'm sure you too, my readers, do small things every day, that inspire and assist. You may not even be aware of your impact. Embrace these acts and celebrate them. It's OK to want to do more. We all do. We all can do more. But sometimes you have to reflect on what you are doing to see things clearly. Every positive contribution to society counts.

As I've said many times: mothering isn't a competitive sport (even though it feels like it sometimes!). Neither is philanthropy. "Women in public service" is a broad title and gives a lot of opportunity to help others.  Buying a hand-made item at a fair, helping a friend with her resume or a neighbor with a college application, listening to a stranger's troubles and offering advice could be making a much bigger impact than you know. How many times have you thought "she made my day"? We all can contribute to a better world. Sometimes we do without knowing it.

Last night a friend who is a runner made me feel like I could do manage a half marathon. Without knowing it, she inspired me to make a goal for myself.  Another friend read yesterday's blog and suggested a great way that I could help needy women. More random inspiration. I hope Rachel found affirmation in yesterday's blog. We all are linked with each other's lives. This may sound simplistic. But it's also true.

Sunny and chilly here in Bridgewater today. Don't get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Take some time for reflection too.


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