Happiness is a warm puppy

Diego - a bit warm
I was going to blog today about something completely different. (The unions and the district are starting mediation according to Dick Bergeron's blog and the Patch. I was planning to juxtapose this to teachers who were volunteering their time, but making it a political statement. Suffice to say: if you are volunteering, you should be doing it solely because you want to.)

Instead of a rant, I am posting this (somewhat fuzzy) picture.

My husband made a fire, and Diego and I enjoying quiet time. I'm knitting a hat for N - a replacement hat that he loved, but has grown out of. I'm loving a quiet evening after another busy day.

I need to learn to shut everything down, and just sit for a little while every day. I wonder if I prioritize peaceful moments every day if I could better handle my chaotic life.

So I'm turning off the computer and returning to my moment of silence. No TV on. Not even music. Just Diego and me. He is panting from the heat, but unable to tear himself away from the sofa. He likes it as much as I do. Click click click. It's not my fingers tapping the keyboard. It's my needles creating an object that my son will (hopefully) love.

Now it's your turn to turn off and wind down with something that makes you happy and relaxed.


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