A few hours of paradise

Spent a few hours with N at Camelback. After the whining that the ski boots don't fit etc, (If you've ever skied or taken a kid sledding, you know), we finally hit the slopes. Just Mom and her 11 year old son. He's my cuddling kid. More likely to cry, but more likely to show happiness and affection.

And on the slopes today, he was so proud of his speed. He was proud of (and a bit surprised by) his mom too.

I kept up! No matter how fast he went, I managed to stick with him!

It's also a metaphor. Soon his "speed" will beat me as he becomes more daring and I fall behind.

I'm holding on while it lasts. C has already transgressed to the point of no return. A teenager, like it or not, she's moved beyond my control (but still, hopefully, within my influence). If she wants to she can "outrun" me at any time.

I'm going to keep running, skiing and doing whatever I can to keep up. I guess I'm not ready to let my kids hit a double black diamond without me. Or I'll break a leg trying to keep up. I want them to be independent and ski the highest mountains... just not yet.


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