Six for me, and one for whom?

Lessons from breaking out in 2011: 

If I had to make a theme for 2011 it would have been stepping outside of my comfort zone. Last year I ran a 10K race in an hour flat, and I started a business in an industry about which I knew essentially nothing. I also ran for an election, which taught me lots of things. I met many interesting people, and I learned that some of the people who are in my life actually weren't there for me when I needed them most. (A good lesson, albeit a hard one, to learn). Others came out from nowhere and rocked my world.
I'm importing fine jewelry
In running a 10K I realized that its OK to do something for myself only. The confidence I gained from making it all 10 kilometers and not giving up (or breaking anything, although I needed a couple of weeks for my sore tendons to heal) was more than any life coach could teach me. 

Starting a new business (which began in 2011 but will go much farther in 2012) gives me the opportunity to take the lessons of the 10K and mold them in new directions. My neighbor gave me helpful words to remember, "you're smart, I'm sure you'll figure it out!" I am and I can.

Six for me in 2012:

What I received from SOAB
I'm part of a Social Networking knitting group called "Ravelry". Although I've been a member for quite some time, this is the first time I feel like part of a community. I just finished a great swap called Swap On a Budget (SOAB). The woman who was my "spoilee" is monitoring a new group for 2012 called "six for me, one for you". We each pledge to knit six things FOR OURSELVES in 2012, plus a 7th thing that we will swap with another member in the group. (I'll send a "care package" to someone I don't know, and  will receive something from someone else). 

As many of you know I often feel like I spend the majority of my time doing things for others. Most of the time I am proud and pleased. Some days, however, I wonder why. 

So in 2012, I pledge to do six "things" for myself. That's one every other month. Some of these things I do already, some are new ideas. Starting a business in this economy is, of course, selfish. It could fail easily, but if it doesn't, and it grows into a financial success, my entire family benefits. So I didn't count it toward this list. But here are the others:

1) Go into NYC once a month. Showing tourist/visitors around the city doesn't count!

2) Make Soccer-Mom focused travel plans: Visit my friends and my brother. (I do that almost every year, so continue). This year I should do it without feeling guilty about the money or time away.

My current $30 pair
3) Train for and run the Rutgers 1/2 marathon. A friend gave me the idea at a Christmas party and I laughed it off. I've been thinking about it every day since. It will require taking time to train- much more time than I am spending now. This may require better running shoes than the $30 that I generally budget for my feet.

4) Make dishes from my mom's book of recipes called "From Mother to Daughter". (She compiled all of her recipes about 15 years ago and my cousin made copies). I need to scan it and make it a pdf file first to preserve it. I currently make a few things, but there are so many riches in those recipes. Ribbons... quiches, caponatina, "daddy's eggplant". There's a lot of stuff in there that my family wouldn't touch.... so that's why this is selfish.

5) Go to a "woman's peace and body weekend" at Camp Cory. Doesn't this sound heavenly?

Women's Body Peace Weekend 
| June 1-3 and September 7-9, 2012
"Escape from your everyday stresses and enjoy the splendor of the Keuka Lake(...)  
relax, rejuvenate and revive(...) 
Activities may include yoga, nutritional seminars, and exercise classes 
as well as all our great outdoor activities including swimming, sailing, 
kayaking, climbing and more. (...)
If you wish to be pampered don't forget that massage therapy, 
manicures and pedicures are all offered by licensed professionals."

Sick of knitting things they won't wear
6) Knitting six things for myself in a year will take up time and should be sixth item**. But I will generalize it - make things for myself.  I can sew curtains for my new office. Who knows where my creativity will take me?

Finally - a seventh: as much for my husband as for me. Spend quality time with my husband. Use the kayak more than once, take more roadtrips together as we did pre-kids.

I know I'll learn something from each of these things. I'll blog about my progress from time to time. 

So here is my challenge for you, my readers. What things are you going to do for yourself in 2012?

**Here are the six things I pledged to make for myself in 2012 from Six for me, one for you. I'm not sure if you have to have a Ravelry account to see the images. 

In general my goal for 2012 is to knit down my stash and not buy new yarn, or patterns. I have tons of books that I’ve never actually knit anything from and a shamefully large stash.
2012 Bucket List:
1) Attend Vogue Knitting Live ( on January 14th and pick one project To Me From Me that I find there. (Yarn, technique, pattern or both).
3) Frog my Antoinette by Sublime Yarns, but use the Mulberry Merino that I purchased for this pattern for a different TBA pullover
4) Knit a Christmas stocking for myself
5) Mezquita Shawl from the yarn I received from HR, with The Alpaca Yarn Co. Swizzle and something to go with it, if I run out of yarn.
Bonus 1: I started a beautiful Dale of Norway sweater in 1991. heilo vm91 I should knit that… since it’s been more than 20 years since I cast on, on an Icelandair flight from Oslo to Rekjavik. I remember being 20 and the woman sitting next to me asking me if I was knitting for my baby. My baby??? Nope! Now I have a 14 yo daughter and an 11 yo son.
Bonus 2: Knit yarn I got from my boss’ wife for a blanket 3 years ago. Gjestal ullteppegarn. After all, I have 15 skeins, and I think I got it in August 2007!
This list is subject to change. :-) In general I need to knit down some of my stash. It’s really silly that I have this much yarn in my closet. :-)
So much yarn, so little time.


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