Argue, Clean and Find

Thank you for the positive feedback on the last three blogs. I am very happy that so many people enjoyed them (in person and online). I had several other things I had planned to blog about after that series, but I had to post another inspirational blog to share my good fortune!

Everything happens for a reason, right?

This morning my daughter asked me to help her with something online. Turns out, she wanted to buy a hoodie. Normally I would say this was a good thing. It is practical, not too expensive and follows the Middle School dress code (which will definitely become a blog at some point). HOWEVER.... I exploded in anger. "YOUR CLOSET HAS TONS OF HOODIES ALREADY!" She disagreed. I told her I'd bet her a million dollars that I can find 10 hoodies in her closet. I started pulling them out, one by one. We then argued over whether a zip-up sweatshirt with a hood is a hoodie, or whether a fur-lined zip-up is a hoodie, both are cotton otherwise. Does her $100 (or maybe only $75) Christmas-present North Face zipped up one count? (It's not cotton, for that price it should be silk!) No.. no no argues she.

If you accept that broader "if it has a hood and isn't a coat it's a hoodie" Mom-definition, then I won by a landslide. If you are taking the more narrow definition. I just barely lost.

But all was not lost:

I FOUND MY MOTHER'S MERRY CHRISTMAS NECKLACE. I have looked for this necklace for 3 years! I inherited it when she died. Every year I wear it from the first Sunday in Advent through Christmas. I took it off one Christmas 3 years ago when I got a different necklace from my husband and I was worried they would scratch one another. I knew I had put it in a special place, but when it was clearly "gone forever" after 2 years I finally let it go and realized that there was nothing more I could do except add it to the vague feeling you get when your Mom's been gone too long to actively mourn, but you miss her anyway. 

What it was doing in C's closet doesn't matter. I don't care how it got there - I might have put it there accidentally.

All I know is that my little prayer "Please don't let me lose this forever" has been answered and come Christmas I'll be wearing the most beautiful necklace ever made. My father has excellent taste, he loved my Mom and this necklace is tangible proof of both. Who knows, this year maybe I'll start to wear it as soon as the first Christmas decorations are put out at Wegmans....... even if it's before Halloween!


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