For decades I have cried about, complained incessantly about, and hated my curly hair. For months this is how I felt about C choosing cheer over soccer.

About a year ago I had an epiphany. Some people "find Jesus!" -  I "found curls"! While I can complain that I can't figure out whether I have enough gray to dye or not, and like every other woman in the world I crave positive feedback, I no longer complain about my lack of good fortune in hair karma. I turned over a new leaf and I decided to actively love and embrace my frizzy, wild, funky curls. Now I am grateful for every little kink! ;-)

With nightly practices already underway, it is now or never! It's time to embrace the inevitable. Dive in head first and don't look back. Accept change and love my daughter's choice about cheer. I've been treating it as thought she had chosen something really bad (like drugs?). It simply isn't the end of the world. But when I googled "cheer" looking for images for this blog, I got that queasy feeling from the pictures. And I had to breathe deeply - am I really supporting C doing that?! Thirty seconds into my changed attitude I realized it hadn't really change.

I guess accepting my hair as beautiful isn't such a huge leap. It's hard to change my attitude just from sheer will about certain things and easier on others.

Leaf: consider yourself overturned! I heart Cheerleading - it's a sport and C loves it. So I love it too! Rah Rah Rah!

Like any alcoholic, I'm off the wagon only 3 hours after posting this blog. We got an e-mail about a mandatory parents' meeting tonight to discuss "issues".  Here's a clip from the e-mail:
We are sorry for the "last minute" notice, but it has come to our attention that there have been various discussions taking place regarding our attendance policy, productivity of the Harry Ally practices, etc.
We very much want this season to be successful and therefore would like to make sure that we are addressing any questions or feedback upfront.
I've been to enough mandatory meetings about the attendance policy! I feel like I've given them a pint of my first born's blood. So what did I do? I sent them a reply....saying we've drunk the cool-aid - you can see drops of it on all our canceled checks,  and we know the recipe by now. I might have lost their vote for most popular parent, but oh well. They are making it very very hard for me to embrace cheer with love and compassion. Rahhh?????


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