We lived abroad for many years and during these years I was grateful that there was a NATO base about a mile from my home because they sent Armed Forces Radio. That meant I could hear about 7 hours of NPR programming per day in my car or home. Paybacks were 2 hours of Rush and 2 hours of Dr. Laura. To be honest, my leftist-liberal mind actually preferred Rush to Laura! This morning on NPR I heard some news that finally Dr. Laura had gone too far. (Or you can google her!).

If you don't know her, this clip below is a parody of her.

Dr. Laura's radio slogan is "I am my kids' mom" (i.e. I stay at home and raise my kids) and I have found her advice offensive almost every time I have heard her. There is nothing wrong with being a Mom who works outside the home. Who am *I* to judge others who do? And more importantly, who is she to judge them? Doesn't her radio show and books (with national tours) qualify as working full time outside of the home??? This hypocrisy always got my goat. 

Sometimes I would slightly agree with her when she was speaking with a particularly troubled woman about a litany of bad choices in the bedroom. Of course I would say that some people need to think about their kids more. HOWEVER, I don't think that all adultery is always wrong! I don't think that every child of divorced parents is troubled. Sometimes people shouldn't have married in the first place, and some children are more stable without the constant fighting or abuse. I don't think that her holier-than-thou attitude on these subjects really helps her listeners.

I haven't heard her in years and I am happy that I no longer have to wait for Rush and Dr. Laura to finish for Talk of the Nation to begin on the only English language local radio station. But she must have made me think, because why would I feel so passionate about her now that she's apparently being forced out of her job? I have little hope that the stations that carry her will find someone more open-minded, but if you are going to have someone replace her, I'd suggest "Sarah!" She is just as much of a hypocrite, a loud-mouth and shares the same target audience.


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