Dreaming of a white Christmas in August?

I love dreaming about knitting almost as much as I love actually knitting something. Is it the optimist or the ADHD that always has me looking for the next great thing to work on?  Currently I have more yarn than I can manage in my bedroom closet. But, I'm often so tempted to buy more that I can't help it. I just have to....

I am still working on a sweater (see left) I began one year ago this week for my husband, T! He noticed that I haven't knit anything for him since before we married... and he was right! So I took on a major project. I have 1/3 of the sweater left to know and 1 arm to knit. That might seem like the easy work is done, but the true work comes in assembling the whole sweater. I may have to outsource! It will be gorgeous when it is completed, but I can't predict how long it will take me to finish. It should have been done long ago.....

But the problem is that I keep picking up other projects. In May/June I knit 4 placemats for a wedding gift. I used a Nature's Choice yarn and only wish I had taken a picture. Sometime in the last year I also knit a baby hat for two different newborns and a scarf for a 30th birthday gift.

Last week I realized I have far too much yarn in the closet and began knitting a scarf for my father in law in a cashmere wool I purchased at a close-out sale after Christmas. It is turning out beautifully and will make a lovely gift for someone who is nearly impossible to shop for.

Sometimes I surprise myself about what I *don't* blog about. I often blog about love, but it seems I didn't blog about one true love: the US Olympian's HAT! It was love at first sight!! Tonight I found the HOLY GRAIL of patterns: the Olympic Reindeer hat. I can't wait to start it!!! I CAN"T WAIT! Since the moment I saw the proud American athletes walk onto the Vancouver arena I have dreamed about knitting it. Now I can!

You can too! The pattern is free on Ravelry by a clever woman named Helena! Thanks, Helena!!! You made my otherwise humdrum day!!!! I hope that I can do it justice. I almost woke T and N up (N is sleeping with T in our bed) to look through my baskets of yarn for appropriate yarn and needles. I might have to stop by a local yarn shop tomorrow to invest in more needles. You simply can never have enough..... or can you?! I can't wait to start it!!!!

Once I've finished T's Norwegian sweater, of course.....


I didn't start on the Reindeer olympic hat because I couldn't get it together out of my stash - I have plenty of red, white and blue yarn, but none of the same thickness, making it hard to knit together as one hat.

I DO have a ton of leftover yarn from the above-mentioned wedding gift. I guess I thought I would knit the happy couple a blanket, but never got even close. So today I spent time here and there knitting a baby hat. No, I don't know anyone having a baby, and yes, I already have a pink baby hat waiting in the closet for someone to give me good news, but I wanted to see if I could make a hat in an afternoon/evening. This pattern was also free. With the thick cotton yarn it was no problem and wallah (I speak several languages, not French)... here's my latest creation. Am still itching to start Mr. Reindeer. Don't worry - after a few rounds on my Sandnes sweater, I'll break down and buy some yarn! I mean I only have 4 huge baskets of yarn in the closet... what's a few more skeins?!

I sometimes feel like a day running errands is a wasted day. How could today have been a waste? I knit a hat! Not world peace, but a tiny accomplishment! Indeed!


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