The national pastime...

Took the kids to a Somerset Patriots game yesterday. I could care less about baseball, but anyone who has been to a Patriots game knows it isn't really about the ball. It's about the ambiance. The pre-show featuring a local organization's talents, the cheesy giveaways from local banks and of course the must unpleasant of summer gigs, Sparky - the Patriot's lovable answer to Snuffleupagus.

It got me thinking about other local things I want to do before school starts.

I want to knit something for a good cause (not to mention maybe win some yarn). I read about it in the Courier yesterday.  We have lived here for 7 years. Perhaps it is time to subscribe to the local paper - as just looking online means I'm missing some goodies? How long will it take for me to let go of the "Star Regret" (what I call my hometown paper) and embrace Central Jersey's journalism?

So if I want to stay in Bridgewater and have a great day - besides MR's pool, which I'm guessing isn't open to all of cyberspace, what do most people do in Bridgewater? My 12 year old would advise me to go to the mall... I always enjoy Duke Island Park (you can play volleyball there on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on Tuesday evenings during the summer for free!), and my membership to a local pool club. A stay-cation for me means extremely limited driving. I do so much driving... this week a stay-cation does NOT mean MoMA (one of my favorite places) or trekking to the Liberty Science Center. Duke Gardens is the outermost geographic limit...

Maybe Stay-cation means staying home and nesting. Cleaning out just one closet. Sitting in a chair, treating myself to TV during the middle of the day, curled up with Diego or reading a book. Lunches with friends. Family movie night in T's basement lair.

A mani-pedi at Paradise Nails in Bedminster? A stroll around the ever-crowded 4-H fair next week? If yesterday was any lesson, sometimes the best way to enjoy the day is just under your nose.

**** Addendum: Just realized that on Thursdays there are two things I have been meaning to try. A Thrift Shop sale at St. John's Church (except when I checked the link it says "except August") and a Outdoor Market in Somerville near the courthouse.


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Don't just like, love!!!!

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