WSJ nails it

I've discussed this before: the chasm between women who work and those who are at home, and I've also discussed the fact that I can't seem to be able to say no.

I have been thinking about this a lot. My daughter and her friend offered to try to straighten my curls. She has a straightener. Since I had a little free time, I thought - why not today?

It was a lot of fun and looked great, but I had to swallow hard when I read a comment about it on Facebook. Someone's comment had nothing to do with my hair but that she was working on very important things at work. Did she mean she couldn't waste her time getting her hair done by her daughter? Or was she saying that she's a more important human being than me because her work is so vital to the world? She didn't say. She didn't even follow up her comment with an explanation.  It sounded like "I'm a very important person." The "you're not" addendum strongly implied.

I'm sick of being told that I don't count because I don't have an income. When school closes due to snow I am literally the first call for HALF A DOZEN FAMILIES!  Every time it happens I have other families' kids here. Last year I literally had 10 children here on a snow day (2 families with 2 kids, one family with 4 kids and my 2 kids)!

I don't mind it -and I offer to help - but I don't think that it is fair that working moms look down on parents and feel so superior that they can actually comment on it publicly!

We all can work together!! This Wall Street Journal article looks at this topic and I love how they portray it. Of course, I have to be better about saying no. There is one family that call regularly but I LIKE THAT because it is completely reciprocal. They are my first call in need. They take Diego when we are away and we take Cracker when they are away. They take our kids, we take their kids. No questions, no judgment!

We all need each other! Working outside or inside the home.

I've been a full-time working Mom as well. I get both sides and the nuances of in-between. I am just sick of the war.

And really, all I did was spend an hour with my daughter and her friend in the middle of the day. For most people who stay at home, that is the entire point!


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