Power hungry?

It's Saturday and you'll find Bridgewater's reluctant Cheer Mom (aka Bridgewater Soccer Mom) outside trimming bushes with her mini chain-saw. It's scary power! Don't mess with me today... but at the same time visions of a fingerless me heading to an ER keep me from really going wild.

Middle School placement letters came today. So far C has not been placed on a team with many of her friends. We're still waiting to see who else she'll be with, but like a TV series in it's 2nd and 3rd season, we're likely to find a new cast of characters in the fall Middle School friend line-up. I hope I'll like the new friends better than I like this season's characters on True Blood. Make new friends but keep the old? Not this skeptical Mom. I assume all new friends are prostitutes and drug addicts until proven innocent??? I'm kidding, of course! Joking aside, I like her old friends just fine, and to be honest, I met some of my very best friends in "junior high" (aka middle school).

A friend I trust likes C's new math teacher. That's good news. I just got a text - someone else said C's language arts teacher is "the only teacher who ever taught her daughter grammar". A good teacher is like winning the lottery! That's music to this Soccer Mom's ears!!! 

Back to the yard. Clean-up of the fallen pricker bushes. Maybe that's why this poor bush hasn't been trimmed in years! At least a wheel barrel is safer than a chain saw. When I really win the lottery, cutting bushes is definitely getting outsourced!


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