The blog that wasn't

I started to write a blog today - maybe you'd call it a rant instead. I tend to react emotionally to things that don't necessarily warrant such strong feelings. Today it cost me exactly one half hour of my life.   Time I could have spent in the sun!

Last June, when September seemed like a distant future, I offered to co-chair a book fair. I did it with the caveat of "unless I go back to work". Since I'm still "employed" by the same company often referred to as "Casa L's B&B" I have plenty of time to chair a book fair. No problemo!

This morning when my co-chair and I stopped by the school to ask about numbers copies of materials to distribute for classes, the administrative assistant said we need 27-30 per classroom. I freaked! I blogged about the state of schools with 30 kids per class. I wrote about the demise of kids' ability to concentrate (not just mine, either!). I wrote about teachers' bitterness about their situation with up to 30 kids in their classes. I said children already vie for the teacher's attention in classes with 20 kids. Finally, I wrote about how upset parents may be after they have grown accustomed to 20-23 kids per class. It was an angry blog. The kind of thing you want to read only after a glass of wine.... I guess those breakfast mimosas did take a toll? Mimosas you ask?? Ha!

Turns out a little information is a bad thing! When the administrative staff said we should assemble 27-30 copies per classroom, she possibly guessed we would need extras. She didn't say that we needed all 30 copies for each class. I just assumed it.

Maybe my assumption is correct. Perhaps I am WRONG!

Even if there are huge classes this year, my kids' teachers should be given the benefit of the doubt. They are professionals, and as such can manage classes of any size (within their contract, which I guess says 30 kids) without the devastating impacts I am imagining.

So take a deep breath. It was a beautiful August day today. No too hot, not too humid. Breathe in the fresh air and sunshine and remember - school's not here yet. I shouldn't anticipate problems before they happen - especially things that are completely out of my control. The BOE knows how I feel about class size. I questioned Dr. Superintendent publicly about it several times last year....

It's AUGUST. Too late to change class sizes, and still officially vacation! September will come soon enough, and armed with the correct class size numbers I can attend a BOE meeting and voice my concerns before the appropriate audience.

But for now I am going to enjoy a spaghetti dinner and then sit on the deck and enjoy a summer evening's breeze.


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