Type specific ADD?

This weekend I got sucked in... to Ravelry.com! It's a site for knitters and crocheters to share patterns, information and pictures. I think that if I spent as much time on actually knitting as I did on the site, I would have knit an entire sweater!

Who knew there was a single site that I could waste more time on than Facebook? One of my friends said she has recently become addicted to Twitter. If she can, than I can, so I'm staying off tweeting for now.

I realized that for me half the fun of knitting comes in the planning and starting phases. A long time ago I did the Myers-Briggs personality test and I think I ended up with ENFP (don't quote me, I think Clinton was still in office). But that fits - bright ideas, gets bored easily, dislikes structure and has a problem finishing things. That's exactly how I seem to knit! 

But do I have an actual deviant form of ADD specifically for knitting? (Whether or not I have real ADD may or may not be the subject of another blog). I would hardly call it ADHD - how can you be hyperactive when you're sedentary?

I am about half way done on a big sweater project for my husband. I began it in August 2009, it was nearly finished and I ripped up several inches this June - I'm not quite back where I was. It is a heavy project - and not conducive to knitting in the sun or heat. I know this sounds like a lame excuse but it is true. In the summer's heat I want one skein (ball) of yarn and I don't want five pounds of sweater on my lap. I also have one arm done, but the wrist is too tight, so I think I will have to start over!!!!

The body 75% done. Still need to knit one arm and put the entire thing together.

On top of that I knit two baby hats this past week - both of which need final touches. The second hat is identical to this one, but in blue, beige and brown for a baby boy. One of them I'm planning to sell to a friend. What would you pay for a hand-knit hat? The other I will either sell to a FB friend or donate.

I need to sew in the extra yarn - hidden in the picture
Then yesterday I began a Christmas stocking with another design that I need to follow a complicated pattern in order to finish. It is with yarn I bought this summer at a Monastery that my Uncle designed. I keep thinking that the project has to be for a good cause, and it definitely had to be with a somewhat religious theme. I am sure that a true catholic doesn't think a Christmas stocking counts, but I do.

Probably Christmas 2011 is more realistic for this work of art to-be

Last week I started a scarf for either my father-in-law or T's grandmother. Thinking I'd get a jump start on Christmas gifts. I knit this while watching N and his buddy at the pool. I would have thought it would have been done by now, but it's not. This project is very visceral. The yarn is cashmere and creamy to the touch. 

A gift for the person who has everything. A snugly scarf.

Then yesterday I remembered that I had promised to knit a baby blanket to donate to a church that gives them to every newly baptized baby. I LOVE THIS IDEA! But with 5 projects on my needles - not to mention a scarf I started YEARS ago for my daughter's friend, and a sweater I started in 1991 that patiently waits to be picked up again - am I doing more than I should be doing at one time? Plus I recently found a Courier blog that focuses on knitting. It's author, Pam also has a contest for knitted donations. I really want to enter something.... but what??? Perhaps the pink hat? Hmm.....the wheels are turning!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your own creative impulses?

I need to get back into the school year. While N and C practice their jumps (at cheer or tae kwon do), or the BOE tries to convince me that putting money back into sports instead of the classroom is really a good thing (fodder for another blog), I'll be knitting and knitting and knitting. Lucky me!


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