My old sneaks - currently resting
Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

This week I feel like an object at rest. My butt hasn't been in gear for anything. I should be running nearly daily to prepare for the Rutgers Half Marathon in April. It's a beautiful day - I should take advantage of the warm temps and the sun.

I should be doing more to build my business. There is incredibly much to do.

I sooooo should be doing about 5,000 other things.

I could even be doing something fun - planning our next vacation.

But somehow my computer is like a magnet this week. This morning I wasted several hours surfing the net. Looking and repinning images to Pinterest.

I'm wasting my precious time.

I never regret exercising, so why is so hard to begin? I slept relatively well. I need the fresh air. I've had breakfast and coffee and now I finished T's Lindt chocolate. All good reasons to hit the road.

Yesterday I went skiing. I had no problem getting myself ready. The only issue: I discovered T had no hat! Seriously? I knit hats constantly - at least 15 hats in the last few years. Yesterday I tried to play beat-the-clock in the car, knitting a hat for T before we got to the mountain. Alas, the curvy roads made me queasy. Even picking that simple project up doesn't entice me.

Objects in motion sometimes need a push. Mine's often a clock: I run about 10 minutes late to everything.

OK clock - do your thing. Body. Get into gear. As I look now, I see if I don't run I won't ever make it to where I need to be by 6-ish (again, the 10 minute rule applies).

Laptop, prepare for your turn to be well rested.

Time to go.


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