Postcard from Virginia?

Imagination's the limit
It's a clean slate, and I love it.

My Christmas present from T: an office. He took out the furniture, painted he walls light grey (which I picked because it represents silver). A white curtain that I bought from IKEA seven or eight years ago has finally found a destination, and only needs a rod. A new ceiling fan to keep me cool in the summer.

I've been using pinterest to gather my thoughts on the space's design. I find while in the stores I'm drawn to darker furniture, but when I look at images, I crave the lighter side. It would allow the colors to stand out. From yarn. From pictures. From books. From whatever I want.

One book I plan to buy specifically for this room: Virginia Woolf's  A Room of One's Own.  Now that I am married, have two kids and a big house, I realize that what I missing is a little piece of real estate that is for me. I share a room, and while the kitchen is mostly my domain, it is certainly shared space.

How will I fill this space? It's up to me. But I want a warm and welcoming environment. A place where *I* want to be. A working space for my multitasking, a creative spirit.

A room of my own.


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