Sunday in the Village with the family

Saturday night just before falling asleep, my husband suggested we go into the city with the kids on Sunday.

Sunday morning he didn't remember the offer, but we went anyway. (I think he thought I was manipulating him... who me?)

It was a great idea and a great day.

We drove into the village - parked at the corner of 6th Avenue and Bleeker Street. On street parking that was easy to parallel park in and out of. What luck!

First: pizza. Cheap and yummy.

In the first store we entered (near NYU) we found a dress for my daughter for a "prom" at Hershey (fodder for another blog when I tell you what I think of this). It looked fabulous on her and she will meet her goal: having a dress that no one else will be wearing. We were all happy with her purchase.

It was cold, so we needed cocoa.... very easy to find in that neighborhood! More yummy!

We walked through Washington Square and ended up in NYU's bookstore. N was thrilled. He found lots of hard cover books about Greek Mythology, and wanted to buy a hard cover copy of the Iliad. (It was $35, so I said we'd see if we could borrow Grandpa's copy - then he found a more age-appropriate book on mythology, so we got that.  As a bonus, we found a 4th book has come out in a series that both C and I read when we were on vacation.

It got colder and we remembered that N needed boots and I couldn't find them in Bridgewater or online. (A specific kind). While C & I looked in girl-clothes shops, they found them. Only 2 sizes too big (no snow this season - he can wear them next year - I wouldn't have bought them that big, good thing Dad is nicer than Mom).

We braced the cold and I found the car. Everyone was so impressed.... didn't share that I had a plan on how to find the car - park somewhere easy to find to begin with. :-)

We came home, I made dinner that everyone liked, C and I watched the Grammy's for a bit (the boys were watching some zombie-show). (I love Adele - no nonsense, just singing!) But it was cold upstairs - so I feared the pilot light went out on the heater.... it had. But T discovered that our water heater is leaking. Guess we're going to be getting a new one this week.

So T and I browsed the laptop for cell phones (another incident Saturday - NOT MY FAULT has left me cell-less) and then T and I watched Lilyhammer. My new favorite show.

A really great day.  Love a relaxing and family-focused Sunday.


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