Valentines Day 2012

Happy Valentines Day to Ingrid. She made something like this for me.
I used to stress out about Valentines Day. Would something magical happen that day? Would some boy admit his yet-unstated love for me? Clearly I had seen too many sappy movies. And of course I was disappointed by my own inflated/unrealistic teenage expectations.

Fast forward thirty years and I spent early Valentine's morning coaxing a somewhat unwilling son to finish an essay. Even earlier I made my daughter hot cocoa to enjoy on the way to school which she had to refuse. Apparently alcohol is a problem and students are no longer allowed to bring coffee mugs on the bus... not a very romantic thought. She's in Middle School and cocoa is a no no!

Then I half-ran, half-hobbled the streets of Bridgewater with KK, my Tuesday running partner. She is the perfect person to bounce off an idea. Full of warmth and humor and smarts, time with her is well-spent. I love our conversations.

The rest of the daytime hours are relatively unromantic for Valentines Day:

  • Doctor's appointment
  • N working on a Science project (currently ongoing) with two boys in the basement. "Stay away from the powertools!" 
  • Then N has a basketball game 

Tonight I have to be at the least romantic place on Planet Earth. Dingy chairs, harsh halogen lighting, unhappy faces. Board of Ed meetings are about as sexy as tooth decay. But tonight's meeting is "Must See Meeting" for people like me who want to stay aware... The agenda includes:

  • The Redistricting Committee is making its presentation to the BOE and the Community
  • A discussion regarding changes to voting. Move representative elections to November? Stop voting on the budget if it is under cap? Important to go and hear what people are saying. Can I resist the urge to speak my mind?

Finally, hopefully, I will spend a few moments with my Resident Valentine. A glass of red... chocolate and a little TV. He usually hits the materialism out of the ballpark with the traditional bouquet.... while I wait to see what 2012 brings, I am making a nice dinner for all of us. (And yes, I got everyone chocolate).

Another reminder that I am very blessed to have a happy marriage and a great life. Valentines Day 2012. A day in the life of Bridgewater's Soccer Mom.


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