Two down and run to go

I'm not going to be lonely today. I have both kids home sick.

Nothing life-threatening. Stomach bugs - one serious, one not. If last week we were nomads, today it's the opposite. I'm housebound, while an electrician is finishing loose ends. Of course - the weather is fabulous - so I am yearning to go outside and run.

C had a great day yesterday: the BR Middle School cheer squad won their only competition this season. The girls won easily. You could see it in their faces - they weren't very nervous so they did pretty well This fall the stakes were so high that girls were puking from the stress both before and during the routine. Yesterday everyone was relaxed and just looking to have a good time. As a parent I preferred the low-stress competitive environment.

I posted a picture/video on Facebook and said I was bragging. One of my friends reminded me that it's a good thing to brag about your children. I forget that sometimes. I find it hard to compliment myself - if I think

"I'm a good cook"

I say

"I'm a relatively good cook."

I guess I transfer that to my kids. If someone says "Your daughter is beautiful." I reply with a flippant remark like "as long as she's well-behaved..." Bragging seems like the sin of vanity, and I am many things, but not vain. So even when the kids win at something, I feel funny announcing it.

What would be better for the nurse-maid's immune system than fresh air and exercise? If I want to "brag" by calling myself a runner, I better get out an run for a while today.

Hopefully I'll post a picture from the road later...... or would that be bragging?


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