Like something out of a children's story

Mind map (done Sun pm)
Last night the DH and I discussed paying for college. I wanted to make an outline using mind mapping to see if I can make sense of my options and obligations, and the general big picture.  I still need to do this - plus exercise. I pulled a muscle and am not sure how I am going to stay on track for my half marathon in April... but where there's a will there's a way. And then... there's taxes. Just the word puts me in a cold sweat!

But instead of facing my demons, I spent the morning making coffee, listening to NPR and surfing the net and texting a friend.

Somehow I got the "brilliant idea" of trying out my new wax. If you know me in person, you probably have seen my goat beard from time to time. Something like a Ukrainian Grandmother. I saw a "natural" wax from a company at the mall last week and I bought myself a tub on sale. Guess why it's on sale? Because it will RUIN YOUR DAY!

In my test run I managed to get the wax stuck to everything! Both hands (I am sure there is residue on my laptop), on my chin and lip, of course. But then - it stuck to everything I touched. The sink bowl, the handles on the sink, the door knobs (3 between the downstairs bathroom, our bedroom and the master bath), the shower door handle, faucet, and I didn't dare use a towel (air drying was not fun)... The hot water just made the wax more gooey and didn't remove itself, even though I tried several kids of soaps. After the shower escapade, I tried to use paper towel, gauze, non-stick gauze, band-aids, medical tape, and a now-useless hand towel.

It was like the pink ring in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.... "And I said, will this ever come off? I don't think!"

In the shower, I woke the husband with the choir of profanity.... F... F.... F... F'ing-F F F F.... (As my friend MR says "When I first met Bridgewater Soccer Mom I thought she had Tourette's!"). He told me to call the manufacturer.... but wait, doesn't give a phone number on its products OR on its website. So I blasted a scathing e-mail.

Fast forward an hour and a half, a bottle of nail polish remover, and a few tears, it seems to be mostly gone. (Both my skin on my hands and face are a bit red).

That's what I get for vanity. From now on I won't mind paying someone to remove the beard for me. Sometimes paying for something is better than DIY. My chin is still a bit sticky in places... and I don't dare try to start the cleaning of door knobs, etc. No knitting until the last of the stick is gone. :-(

Maybe the moral of the story is to turn off the computer, focus on the task at hand. And don't worry about a few whiskers. They aren't part of the big picture plan anyway!


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