Lecture Du Jour

At 86, giving a medical lecture sans notes
It's been a couple of years since my last time in a lecture. And I've been to a medical lecture before, but today I am wondering why not. It was very interesting to listen to a description of pathology, disease and cancer. And the lecturer, of course, was my Dad. He's been teaching the Radiology Technicians at the local hospital for about 25 years. I guess that he should know it pretty well, but at 86 he still has the ability to teach without notes, for two hours (with a 5 minute break). 

My father is an inspiration to many. At 86 he keeps in shape by walking and swimming laps, eating healthy and doing crossword puzzles. Actually he thoughtfully copied several in the library today for both of us. I'm not much of a crossword person - but as the NY Times crossword puzzle gets progressively harder, and today is Monday, I actually have a chance to solve some answers.

I have to admit that I've always been a little jealous of my Dad. He's known his whole life he wanted to be a physician. Just last week, when he was helping tutor our son, N said to him "Grandpa, if you weren't a doctor, you would have been a great teacher." Seeing him today I completely agree. Two have two professional talents is quite the feat. I'm still trying to find one that suits me.

My Dad has many faults. (Who doesn't?) But his gifts are many and he's been so fortunate to be in such good health, kept his stamina and his mental faculties in tact.

I'll be very lucky to walk in his footsteps. I just wish I'd followed him more professionally when I had the chance. 


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