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I haven't written much this week. I can hardly believe it's Friday night. It's the usual for me: Drive The Girl to the movies and let The Boy have a friend sleep over. Make something for dinner (should have started earlier) and put on my PJs. Maybe I'll stay awake late enough to watch Bill Maher. As my regular readers know, I'm very interested in women's access to contraception, abortion and.. well, um everything. I could start a complete blog on this, but well, I don't want the house to get Fire Bombed, so I'll just say I'm looking forward to some liberal humor tonight.

I know some of you are wondering about Tuesday's Board of Ed meeting. If you are, you probably already read the Courier's articles here and here and/or the Patch here and here. My take:

  • The redistricting committee made its presentation. I thought it went without a hitch. However, I wish more BOE members had read through the report more thoroughly so that they were prepared with questions - or that it was decided to split the two huge items so that the redistricting options got the attention that such an important issue warrants. 
  • I was bummed that they are moving the vote to November. I don't want to give the parties the chance to court BOE candidates... especially since I'm a Democrat in Bridgewater and there aren't many of us, so if the Republicans keep their "cut budgets" platform, that probably doesn't bode well for the school district. Also, I have already spoken with several people who replied with "We can't vote on the school budget anymore? When did this happen???" The woman I spoke with today is active in the PTO at two district schools and was still completely unaware.
I actually don't want to blog about the BOE. I'm sick of thinking about it. Sometimes it seems like EVERYTHING I say gets misinterpreted- or if it is understood, then the BOE takes the complete opposite action.

To me, from me... 
The rest of the week I've been muddling along. Unusually focused on knitting. I find I am thinking about creativity, knitting, technology, and fabric much more than I normally do. I've started three new projects in three days without having finished my shawl. On Facebook I'm ignoring birthdays and following a discussion between various well-known knitting designers. My mind is on texture, color and gauge (tension).

I wonder if my body is telling me that I need to slow down and knitting is my mind's way of forcing me to think of other things. On the other hand, maybe my mind is continuing it's self-dialogue. Knitting and the arts might be a better venue for me to continue my life- but I don't even know where that would begin. For several years I've dreamed of owning a yarn shop on Main Street in Somerville.

Today is my friend MCM's birthday. This weekend she and her family start a new life in North Carolina. She's lived in Sweden and Ecuador. Traveled to Japan and all over the USA. It has been rather traumatic for her family of six to get to this point in their adventure. I wish them all the best in their new journey. Sometimes a change in direction is a good thing.

Vote for the Fire Budget tomorrow - it's probably the last budget you will be able to vote on in Bridgewater for a long time.

Time to take C to the movies.... posting without editing.


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