Facebook self indulgence

One of my friends sent me this link today in the New York Times after I sent her my 25 random things. Only I was too lazy to call it 25 random things, so I called it my random thoughts and left off the number. I edited or deleted a few to keep my identity somewhat secret.

Here it is (slightly edited):
My random thoughts:

I miss my Mom.

I am still having revelations about my life.

True love comes in many forms - and comes more than once.

I am forever grateful to N’s teacher!!!!!

When I was 17 my parents let me backpack around Europe with a boy they’d met twice! He was 4 years older than me. It seemed normal at the time. I would never let my kids do that. I wish my travel companion and I were still friends.

I lead a Girl Scout troop and love it.

I can’t believe my kids are good looking and popular! I spent my entire childhood hating how I looked. Now that I could get my hair straightened on a permanent basis I realize it is too entrenched in my personality to matter.

My husband and I are opposites.

I got bad career advice in college. I should have made other choices! Professionally I have a lot of regrets and now I don’t know what to do!

I have run into people in the strangest places: DP on a street, MK at a mall, TL on a ferry. I ran into someone on a train. I ran into Tommy Hilfiger in The Plaza in August. (When I told him who I was (he knew my brother but hadn't seen me since I was a kid) the first thing he asked was “how’s your Dad?”).

The first thing I read on most Saturday mornings is the New York Times magazine section, specifically The Ethicist.

Many of the people who are closest to me are very critical and judgmental. My parents were too, and called it “high standards” which has made me too critical and has contributed to my low self esteem.

My favorite house is my grandmother’s as it was when I was a child.

I wish I hadn't listened to how much my mom hated being a teacher, because I think I'd have been a great teacher.

I have been fortunate to travel a lot and hope it continues. It's the best thing about being home with the kids.

My Dad is probably the most interesting person I know. I’m sad that he is getting older, but grateful that he is still alive and well.

A new puppy is a lot of work – and I don’t want him to grow up. I like puppies and I hope I love my dog as well. I liked my kids when they got bigger, so hopefully I’ll love the dog too.

I loved living in our old house. It was great to live just a two minute walk from the beach, 2 minutes walk from a day care center and a 30 minute walk from IKEA. Oh, yes, and a 30 second walk from great neighbors.

My life changed when I joined my gang of friends in 7th grade and I can’t believe we’re still friends.

I just learned something recently that would have been useful information a decade ago, but I can’t do much with it today.

I worry because my son isn’t interested in sports and neither is my husband, so I'm afraid he'll be an outcast later on.

I hope Obama does well.

I loved "Choir Camp".

As a kid I was thin, so I am bummed that I have to diet and exercise now.

I like music that isn’t cool.

I always thought I would have a big career - as a doctor, or a diplomat - but as I write this I’m in workout clothes and the things on today’s calendar are Girl Scouts, coffee with MR and N’s play date at 3pm, and running to the grocery store to get a pie tin for his project.

I still miss my Mom.

Hope you enjoyed my somewhat abridged 25 or so random thoughts. Guess you could include I have a blog and am often surprised when I see who is reading it and how often. I wonder if anyone from BRRSD has ever read it?

Hope my readers weren't bored stiff. Maybe some of you have already read this on Facebook. Feel free to send an e-mail with your own lists. I can publish them without any info about you!

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