Jersey "regular" schools get a run for their money!

In New Jersey, Magnets Give Suburban Schools a Race was a very interesting article in yesterday's NY Times, New Jersey section.

When we moved here, we chose BRRSD over other districts, including magnet schools nearby town based on the strong recommendation of T's colleague. We specifically focused on our elementary area - another decision I have rethought now that we have gotten to know other neighborhoods.

I cannot deny it - part of the reason we chose BRRSD was my own racism and "classism". We had come from an extremely homogeneous environment and I was weary of placing C, and later N, in schools where they would be one of only a handful of white kids, and possibly the most well off kid in class. The magnet schools we visited were impressive. One elementary school boasted an art teacher with a PhD. In the end we chose Bridgewater.

I have been increasingly frustrated with this decision. When I wonder what I should do - if that were to mean changing schools - I would have considered Bedminster as the most likely choice (assuming we lived in an alternate universe where we wouldn't lose a fortune on our home and could afford something nice there), but it wouldn't have occurred to me to re-check local magnet districts.

Until now. With scores that fill the vast majority of the top ten high schools in NJ, it is tempting to rethink where our kids will be when they take those SATs.

Probably we aren't going anywhere - I don't want to reestablish ourselves in a new community. But if we do, I'm definitely brushing my isms aside and using a more open mind!!! Traditional snobbery aside!!!

Think big!

Think high quality!

Think magnets?

Why not?!


Anonymous said…
What is it about Bedminster that you find more attractive then your present circumstance?

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