Food fights

One of my friends confessed to me that she is concerned about her daughter's eating habits. She is a great cook and I know there is plenty of healthy food in her kitchen!

Lately my daughter also didn't want to eat breakfast. It never occurred to me that girls that young are thinking about their weight! I never questioned that her motives may be fear of weight gain (I assumed laziness). Is there a link? Another friend of C wouldn't wear a bikini because she was so afraid of showing her tummy in a couple of years ago in 3rd grade. I was shocked then too, but didn't take it seriously. Generally these girls talk, and it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't talking about this too. Are girls really on track for eating disorders at age 8? Do I have to monitor that my daughter is eating enough at age 11? I never in my entire life wasn't tempted by food, so I can't understand this. Even now when I need to diet I find it impossible to not nibble at forbidden fruit. As I type this, I am munching on soy chips... crunch, crunch!

At tae kwon do the kids are regularly forced to run laps of the room while they are told that kids don't get enough exercise these days. If C were to skip breakfast and eat a light lunch she would collapse at TKD after school.

A big issue at our house isn't meal-skipping, it's general nutrition. Specifically: C won't eat any vegetables and nearly no fruit. We nearly have to force her to eat a potato or she would get no vitamins at all. I buy expensive apples (which she likes) and watch them rot. Although I cook dinner for the family about 5 days a week, always including a veggie, the potato is the only one eaten by everyone. My husband is a terrible food role model, but if I cook veggies that he likes, he'll eat them and my daughter sees that.

It scares me that girls are skipping meals at 10 and 11 years old!

I guess in a society where EVERYTHING seems earlier than in the 1970s, this shouldn't surprise me.

Stop the world, I want to get off (or at least slow it down!)....


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